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CO&MODA footwear, dedicated to those who appreciate comfort, they make for a pleasant surprise at first glance. The range of models available features truly captivating aesthetic appeal throughout.

Every shoe in the CO&MODA collection has that touch of irresistible distinction, of original elegance, ideal for those who adore stylish accessories and simply cannot do without them.
What's more, CO&MODA footwear affords extraordinary levels of comfort.
A blend of style and comfort, cutting edge design and practicality for a truly spectacular range of footwear:

The excitement of a beautiful shoe, the pleasure of finding it comfortable.
California processing
The ''California'' slip-last method (with no cutting or stitching involved) ensures maximum results because it uses the finest hides worked exclusively by craftsmen. The softest choice leathers are neither stretched nor cemented to the bottom of the last: expert hands mould a highly flexible shoe around the upper.

A new piece of leather ''architecture'' that keeps its original suppleness year after year.
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